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But your eyes still shined like pretty lights.
Tuesday, October 6, 2009,7:14 PM
Take me back to the time when we walked down the aisle.
Our whole town came and our mommas cried. You said, 'I do' and I did too. <3
--> Chweet chweet naman nila. Nilalanggam na. :)

Now I really hate Ondoy so much! -.- Because of him, we're having make-up classes on all Saturdays. (Oct. 10, 17, 24, 2009) Dammit! We've only got a day to rest. WTH?! Are they trying to kill us or something? *Kiddin. And they're also taking the sembreak. But they've got a point, though. I don't want to be attending school at Christmas Eve. No, no, no. :] It's better this way than that.

T. Tess acknowledged our batch for ranking 7 among chosen schools from Region 4-A. She told us that we don't compete to other schools nor to other students. We only compete with ourselves. Yes, that's right. I certainly agree to her. She also told us to not fret about the make-up classes. We should count our blessings. We have our homes, school, and everything. We are safe, we are not affected by the typhoon and all sorts. Yeah, we all should be. But those additional days couldn't cheer us up that fast.

Filipino was sooo fun! \m/ T. Lyna asked us to complete the lyrics of the song she prepared for us and asked the one who answered to sing it. Well, Niel sang 'Tanging Yaman' and we all but lolled to him. He took three turns before he got the lyrics right. Funny man he is. :)) When we asked T. Lyna to sing a piece of it for us, she just said, "Maawa kayo, maaraw." and she pointed to the window where we could see the sun shining brightly.

I don't like our viand today, for dinner. I just drank a melon juice. Hmn, I'm thinking of eating it 'coz I'm starving. I really have no choice but to eat it. Oh well, I'm gonna eat it. Lol. Good luck to me.

We're having a lot of quizzes tomorrow. Wish us the best of luck! *crossfingers*

We'll be planning for the altar in CLVE tomorrow. So excited about it. And we're gonna be praying the rosary. Banal mode kami. Hahaha. I really hope tomorrow will be fun just like this day. Oh, and by the way, I'm gonna wear malong for tomorrow. AP.

Changed my avatar here on blogspot. X_X Actually, I hate it. But it's the best I've got. I'm so sorry I'm ugly. Peace out, yo!

Just two kids, you and I,
Charm. :3

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