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Why do I tire of counting sheep?
Thursday, December 31, 2009,8:27 PM
When I'm far too tired to fall asleep.

Yes. Fireflies! Bongga tlga! :))

Good evening Philippines and world! Later, it's gonna be 2010. Hurray for the coming year! <:P May we all have an awesome year to come. Tomorrow, Imma edit this one. :-h
Happy New Year folks! :D
So long, 2009!
Hello 2010! <:)
// Edited. :)

Yooow! 2010 na mamaya. Well, I wrote this on a sheet of paper before I sleep, actually. So that I can't miss anything. :D

I had breakfast, it wasn't that yummy at all 'coz it's just a plain egg stuffed in two wheat bread slices. I really hate wheat bread, they know that. But they still bought it, and that made me a bit unappreciative of the breakfast. :/

I was currently reading The Wedding of Nicholas Sparks and I'm kinda bored at the first part of it. Peace yo! Well, it's not that boring now. I'm in the part where the man's courting his wife again. :") yiie. They're funny. :D

Then, it's afternoon. I had a shower so as to welcome the upcoming year fresh. :)) Silly me. Anyway, we ate buttered shrimps and ham for dinner. We also ate mango float for Media Noche. Cause we're all full and stuff so we didn't decide to eat rice again. Ayoko namang sumabog ang tiyan ko. XD

Enjoyed watching the fireworks outside. They're full of colors and some of them are dancing. We enjoyed watching them. :D Really. Even my lil' bro did. I wasn't able to take a good picture of the moon. :( Coz there were lines, I don't know how to call that. But I think that's because of the lens. It's a diagonal line.

Okay. That's much of my New Year. I jumped, btw. And I slept at 1:00 cause I'm really sooo sleepy.

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2010.

Charm. :)

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