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Sunday, September 27, 2009,7:52 PM
D*mn. I really hate Typhoon Ondoy.

Yesterday: We went to a wedding at Naic, Cavite, unaware that there is a typhoon. Yeah, that's our fault. :/ During the wedding proper, it rained hard. We can barely understand what the priest says so I just focused on reading his mouth like a deaf person. Blimey, it's hard. I was also asked to wear the veil on both of them 'coz no one was assigned to it. Then, after the wedding, we ate at the back of the church. It was the convent. The people there seemed to live there though they don't. The kitchen looks a lot like the one families have on their homes. It looks to small for a convent. The eating place looks small too. But the attendants in the wedding were only few, that's why we fitted there.

Here's the worst part. On our way home, we saw a lot of water. The roads even looked like rivers. Lol. But we were inside the jeepney that's why we're safe. Though, when we reached Palico, we parted ways already. The jeepney was parked near a canteen in front of MCI. Then, we waited for a jeep or multicab to ride on home. No car came. We decided to walk, then. When we reached the gasoline station, actually, I think that's the start of Buhay na Tubig route, we saw that it was flooded. How could we go home? :o An officer approached us and asked us where we are about to go. Then we said that we are heading to Bahayang Pag-asa which is in the end of Buhay na Tubig. How could we pass those waters? *scared* Then, the officer told us that if we can, we could walkt through all those and that there is a truck coming, only they don't know when. And that no car could pass through yet because the water is waist-high. So we decided to walk and then stop if we couldn't stand it anymore. We reached a store and rested there. After a couple of minutes, a man walked near and told us we could walk through already. Cars already have passed and we thought they have succeeded 'coz they didn't went back. We walked again and stopped near a carwash. We saw an eub there, or whatever you call it. They told us they're headed to Citta Italia and we asked them if we could have a ride with them. They agreed and I called my mom and dad. After that, my uncle fetched us at Mini Stop. God was so good that he made us meet those persons we had a ride on. We reached home exhausted and wet. Itchy too. Arggh! I wont leave home during storms. *pinky swear*

Today: We went to SM Molino to buy groceries. Too bad, the ATM machines are offline that's why we went to BPI-Molino, near RFC to widraw there. We then shopped in Emilu's instead. And that ends my day. Boring. Haha.

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