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Thursday, September 24, 2009,9:36 PM
Red. That's what took my day's attention.
Lol. Don't think of the red days. That's not it. :))

Red # 1 - My red ballpen doesn't write anymore. I mean, the ink's there but it's not working. *wallbash.

Red # 2 - My mind was bleeding - you can't see it outside, though - because of the hard lessons we took up today.

Red # 3 - He entered our classroom. The worst of it was, he gave a speech about... oh, I don't even know what his topic was. I was obviously decoyed. Everyone was staring at me. No. Not those kind and friendly looks. Their's were teasing. And I hate it. Blood rushed to my face the moment he entered. No, I'm pretty sure it's not connected. I have a wild and significant guess that it's because the attention of almost everyone is drawed to me. Almost all eyes are staring at me, curious of my response to their stares. I really guess I'm right. I don't want to think of any reason why I blushed. No. I wont. I wont let it.

I really want them to stop it. It's not healthy anymore. He's got a crush with our classmate, Grace and they keep on insisting him on me. What would he think? That I still have a crush on him? I don't want him to look at it that way. No. And, besides, it's obvious that he doesn't like it too. T. Lyna called me and asked for my opinion about his speech and he seemed to rush to the door already. It's not fun being rejected. In front of my classmates, or even if it's just the two of us. I don't like it. I don't want to keep my hopes high. It wont benefit me at any cost and it'll only make it worst to see him in corridors, or anywhere around school grounds.

Red # 4 - Cathleen's red ballpen, which I borrowed, spilled its ink in my pocket. Argh! I don't have any idea of it happening. My classmates were suprised to see my hands, they're covered in red ink. And I can't put anything in my pocket then, 'coz whatever it is, it would be stained.

Red # 5 - My seat had some red marks on it. As if someone with red paint on his/her shoe stepped on it. Grrr. So red. So bloody. :o

*sigh* Thank goodness there's no Red # 6. I can't help but laugh at these things but why red? Among all colors, why red? And why today? What does it mean?

Any way, I still have my problem yesterday with me. Wish us luck for tomorrow's IP activity. Again. We're starting back to square one since our paper doesn't look much of a thing to write on. Fungi around it and stuff. Yuck. Totally eew.

Gotta sleep. 'Night guys!

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