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I won't let you go away if we ever meet again.
Sunday, February 21, 2010,10:24 PM
Good eve blog. This day was, better but still worse. :)

I had a fun morning and afternoon with Yelgy. She went to our house and I helped her with her clearance. Then, we went to SM Molino and she treated me at KFC, Zagu, Tom's World and Quantum. I don't know what's up today, she is just so generous. I was persuading her all the time to stop spending too much but her only respond was, "Minsan lang ako mabait, lubusin mo na." And she wouldn't allow me to persuade her. But, nonetheless, I enjoyed her company. She even thought of trying to treat me a movie, but I was really complaining and you know. If only we've got more time, and I get to pay for my ticket, I would say yes. But she wouldn't let me too, and I haven't brought enough to be able to pay for one, so I just hesitated.

Then, when we went home, we dropped by Mariel's house. Too bad she's not around. Then, I showed Yelgy the shortcut. When we reached home, she sat next to a mango tree and chatted with me a bit, then I walked her to the tricycle station.. Whatever, basta, sakayan ng tricycle. :)))

And I went home and rested. :)

What else am I going to say? Ah, yes. I just really have to tell you this. :D

I am just happy because we have the same taste when it comes to music. And he's so... nice. XD So yes, that's it. Too short, right? Well, nevermind.

Okay, I guess I'm too speechless tonight. Wish us luck for our group meeting tomorrow. I really hope we'll be able to finish our project in AP. I'll better charge my camera now, I have a feeling we're going to use it.

Now Playing: If Ever We Meet Again - Timbaland feat. Katy Perry.
it! I think this would be our song for our practical test in PE.

HAHAHA. I'm so speechless tonight. What an unusual thing for me. Except when I started to blog. There were nights that my mind goes totally blank that I couldn't write anything. Even my sentences made no sense so I just stop what I'm doing and delete the draft and skip today and hope that maybe, tomorrow, I'll be able to post something substantial.

So, good night. Thanks for reading. XD

Charm. ;)

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