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Tuesday, August 11, 2009,10:38 PM
SECRETS! :D Take note on that. There's an "S". Well, obviously, today went on with me discovering a lot of secrets. I can't specify them here because they are secrets (common sense!). Lol. =)))

AP Time, again, was a bit hilarious.

T. Emmie: "Anu-anong produkto ulit sa tubo?"
Xander: "Sigarilyo!" *:))
We often encounter these mistakes when it comes to the sugarcane. I absolutely have no idea why. LMAO!

T. Emmie: "Anu-anong produkto ang maaring makuha natin sa Abaka?"
Jared: "Saging!" *Gutom ka na?! :))
The story behind it was this... Jemai asked T. Emmie what the Abaka plant looks like. T. Emmie told him that it looks like a Banana tree or something like that. Maybe Jared misheard it or maybe he's just soooo hungry.

T. Emmie: "Anu-anong produkto pa ang galing sa mais?"
Different Dalton Students: "Corn oil." "Cornstarch."
Abby: "Corned beef!" *Lol. Hehe. Nabiktima ka rin.
Maybe Abby just blurted out what thought first came to her mind and that word was Corned beef. Yeah, people often think it is one. I used to think that corned beef is a beef with corn. Well, I was young that time! :P

Aside from those, the rest of the day went smoothly, as usual! Nothing much of a fight or issue or something. And that means, not much for me to say.

Just like on my previous entries, I feel sleepy again. (As usual!) So I'm off to jump ten times to wake my spirit up because I still have to do some notes. Good night!

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