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This is how I feel and it's so surreal.
Wednesday, November 11, 2009,7:22 PM
Whoa! Head rush. 8-|

If it's over, let it go and come tomorrow it will seem so yesterday. Uh-huh! Got it right. Well, that's just one of the songs I like right now. >:) The message was clear too. Today was kinda good. Hmn? Some things that I've done were just discomfitting. It's like I put my feet in a null game. My hands were even trembling, let alone that I'm just infront of my classmates. *wallbash* I'm such a nuisance. DON'T ASK ABOUT WHAT I'VE DONE! Garrr. x_x I just don't wanna remember it, you know. It's sooo embarrassing.

Filipino was sugary. :)) Nevermind what that means. Why did I say so? We made a "tulang diyamante" and T. Lyna asked us for a topic. And of course, Dalton will always be Dalton so we chose Sr. *tooot*. I just feel like doing it as a blind item. Whatever. So it's Sr. George that we opted. And T. Lyna was like, "Here they go again." or maybe, "I guess I shouldn't be startled." Off all topics ba naman. XD But what we enjoyed the most was T. Lyna's blush. Not because of that poem but when she makes mistakes. She just goes red in the face. :">

Abby had a day too. That's for sure. :) Well, we didn't see anything, I swear. Micha didn't too. Don't worry too much. Haha. That's just natural. And people would've reacted real bizarre if that's the case. Right? I guess they didn't 'coz you haven't realized it 'till you're home. Oh, and thanks for mentioning, by the way. :D

You had your dreams, I had mine.
You had your fears, I was fine.
You showed me what I couldn't find.
When two different worlds collide.
--> Wala lang. I just wanna post it. ^^

T. -blank- was mad at us again. Maybe you're wondering about this one. Or maybe not. But there's a couple of choices. x)) I just hope you get it right. Or maybe the other way around. 'Coz, in the first place, there are similarities between those teachers. Second, there's a lot of teachers out there who might be mad at us and that may be the one I'm talking about. Lol.

When would be the 2nd IPTC? :s I'm getting too much worked up at that one. Scared to death, mehn. Look at my grades kasi. They all went low, or maybe some didn't. :D But that's still a majority. T,T I'm really gonna receive another round of words from my mom, for sure. Urgh! What a humongous mistake to make kasi. I should've studied better. But as usual, regrets are in the end. Haha. I'm used to it. Well, I still have 3rd Quarter. I really must give it all today.

Bob Ong - or maybe a fan of him, accepted me in Plurk. Just wanna plug it. I just hope I would be in Nirvana again. I miss my banana rock smiley. :c What else? I'm sooo enjoying Tumblr na. Why? I had my Tumblarity increased to 12. I'm progressing. <:D And I also posted an audio file. So that my visitors wont be bored with my page. *sigh* I'm getting sleepy. Could I rest now? Kidding. So I'm going to get some shuteye. Maybe you're already saying, "Matutulog na nga lang ang dami pang sasabihin e." Sorry, maarte rin kasi ako. I have this fascination with weird words. Kyooot kasi nila. :] Okay, so I'm really gonna go now. Thanks for reading. Good night, sleep tight!
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