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Two out of Seven. Wobbly. >,<
Thursday, September 17, 2009,7:59 PM
Haiy. Life. I only got two out of seven in our shooting exercises this afternoon. Dang it! I'm such a bummer at that. *wallbash*

Hey, wait, while I was shooting, I was filling myself up with thoughts of inspiration. I kept thinking, If you shoot this one at that basket, he'll be back. Do it, you goner. Then, an unfamiliar voice, rather harsh instead of supporting or soothing said, Oh. Get a grip! For the millionth time, HE'S not coming back. He's staying there for real. For crying out loud, get a life! Shoot. I wasn't able to make the last three goals. They all but stayed out of the ring's mouth. Who was that anyway?

I really don't know who that one is. Hell, yeah, I'll do anything just to know who that crazy one is. He/She knows everything. Almost. The words, oh, I'm really sure I always use them. Gawd. I can't believe all the patterns are the same, it all goes to the same person. Me.

Is that my concious self, speaking for the first time since he left? My oh-so-optimistic side reigns over me all the time but now, reality sinks in to my bare chest for that brief second. I'm such a fool to yearn for it that much. Desperate might just be the exact term for it. Ugh, I'm such a freak *slash* crazy *slash* pityful *slash* lost *slash* oh, forget it. I'm sounding much of an emo instead of a broken-hearted girl. No, I'm not emo. Never. :))

Oh well, life goes on. Wish us luck for tomorrow's activity in Science. Thanks for reading.

I'm such a loser,

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