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Sunday, November 29, 2009,8:56 PM
You had your dreams, I had mine. You had your fears, I was fine.

kills. Yeah. That's a fact. It's one of the deadly sins, remember? ;) Well, I might be accused as one. Kidding! I just ate too much today. I admit. :b A bit reluctantly, actually. Our househelper seems to see me as someone who eats too little. She even placed only a small amount of rice in my lunch. I was like, "Are we suffering from starvation?" I just don't feel good when people limit my food. I'm often persuaded to eat more. It's just strange. :))

I'm really loving the Beat It of Fall Out Boys. Yow mehn! \m/ Hahaha. I can't help but laugh when the singer mimics MJ's "Ah's." Well, he kind of does it in his own way - rock way. Not the high-pitched one that MJ does. He's unbeatable, really. I haven't heard anyone who could make that sound much as he does. T w o t h u m b s u p ! Marvelous!

Just finished reading Twenties Girl. I liked it. Yeah! It rocks. *I suddenly remembered when Lara said this to Sadie and she blurted, "Did you say I'm a rock?"* The story is just amazing. Thalia's right. The ending was really funny. x)) Sadie was feisty - as the back cover described. Yeah, it was just funny and all that. There were those moments when it was all serious and I'm like crying and stuff but the story will just flip up and suddenly it would be funny again. Or I would just find something funny in it. =)) Sadie is, on the other hand, a guardian angel of Lara, indeed. :] She's serious at that part. She kind of patched things up for her just as she did for Sadie. The painting thing, it was the dumbstrucking part. And the words! The words did it. Barney-*something*. Forgot the next part. XD

Went to a birthday party. It's my first godson's first birthday! Wow, he's getting older in time. Anyway, the kids were funny. Made my childish insticts more alive again. x)) I just can't help laughing to the kids during the palayok something game. Kase naman, kung saan-saan sila napupunta. Who wouldn't laugh there? roflmao. Anyway, the best part was when we ate. The spaghetti was delicious. So as the cake. It was a chocolate cake. I would have preferred a Red Ribbon though, kaso, hindi ko naman party yun. :D

Just finished doing my unfinished assignment in AP and notes in CLVE. It would be a tough job to cope up in the lessons, for sure. I still don't know what tugmaang ganap and di-ganap is - much to my frustration. Howdy, guys! Help naman!

Saw Arron Villaflor in Sharon. :") He's just soooo hot. I think I forgot to breathe at that instant. He danced well. Wohooo! <:P He's just so handsome, he knocks me breathless. Really. I swear. I feel like saying at that moment, "Bring on the shackles, I'm your prisoner." just like Edward did, another hottie but only a fictional character did. *Maybe R. Patz is considerable, but Taylor is just hotter!* :">

Okay, anyway, let's change the topic. I'm getting way to overboard with this again. Paano ba naman kase, ang gwapo niya *slash!* nila! Sobraaaa. Well, okay, next topic na talaga. I swear. c: Sorry for that part. What's next? Hmn, know a book that is good to read? Hmn, aside from Confessions of A Shopaholic, I mean. 'Coz I'm really craving for that one. But I haven't found a classmate or a schoolmate of mine who has one. So I'll go for the others muna. Any suggestions? :)

Choco Mucho is . I ate two bars today. Addict? No way! Hahaha. I'm still a Ferrero Rocher and Hershey's Kisses addict. Forever and always. Go loco over choco! <-- Read that one in an icon. I just suddenly closed the tab and I can't relocate it. Urgh! That could've made my blog photo start-up. Sayang! *sigh* Anyway, there's no need in fretting for that one. I'll find it eventually. ^^ So I'm hitting the sack na. I'm a bit sleepy, folks. Time to rest! Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. :*
Quote of the Day:
Ang mga babae, parang pulis. Kahit hawak na nila lahat ng ebidensya sa mundo, gusto parin nilang marinig na aminin mo ang totoo.

Drifting off into the candlelight,
Charm. :b

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