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Friday, November 20, 2009,6:18 PM
No message could have been any clearer.

--> Aww. How sad. Hey, I didn't cry, huh! :P

We practiced some steps for the culminating. We'll be performing for the third years. Geez, I hope I'll survive. x_x They are just so great, you know. Hmn, I mean, my cousin. :) They can't help but compare me to him. It's no big deal actually. But it just annoys me to be compared. Sino ba naman may gusto nun? o.o

Downloaded some MJ songs to my PSP. Haha. Natripan lang. Masama? Joke. x)) Heal the world, make it a better place. I want to watch This Is It tuloy. Any way, I'm watching New Moon on Sunday. Yiiieee! :") I'm so excited about it. I really want to see the movie. Now na. Pero I still have to wait for a day. Bukas. Haha.

Speaking of tomorrow... Tomorrow will be our IPTC and I'm so disappointed with the results. Well, I know them already. I'm not an awardee. Again. Darn. So I'm gonna be giving my 200% best next quarter. :D Hmn. I passed Math but failed Science naman. Not a failing grade in the card, huh? I just mean... "Dun ako sumabit." =)) Kulit lang eh. Good thing my parents took it in a nice way. They didn't scold me off or something. I'm so thankful for that. That helped a lot, you know!

What else? We'll be having a practice tomorrow. Dance club and play. Yow. May mga pauso yung mga Dalton boys na DC. I'm the only girl from Dalton kasi. That's why, they thought we should all be brothers and sisters and I will be their bunso. They are all boys and I'm the only girl in the family. I don't know who our parents are yet. But that's what they thought. Funny guys, those people. =)) Astig daw kami kasi bantay-sarado ako sa kanila. WTH? Paano na yan? Joke! ;)

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