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Daddy’s smart and you’re the prettiest lady in the whole wide world.
Sunday, January 10, 2010,6:22 PM
Tonight, Imma fight 'till we see the sunlight.

Taglish post fer tonight! :p

Magpupuyat akoooo! :D I'm gonna watch Freaky Friday again eh. But I'm thinking of sleeping later then walking up at 9 so I could stay up late. Diba? Pwde yuuuun. And I'm gonna check what movie's gonna be shown in GMA too. Cause if it's something I haven't watched yet, I might watch that one na lang. It depends.

Ate a lot today. I'm a certified Cream O-holic. <3333333333 Yeaaaah. I even slept in the afternoon after eating my lunch. It was an advice from T. Tessa. She said "Tapos matulog ka pagkatapos ng lunch, siguradong tataba ka." I wanted to see if it would work for me. Well, I wish it would do. It was good. When I woke up, I felt refreshed. Then I made some of the assignments after. Yun, nakaraos na yung iba. Thank goodness.

I love the elementary DC members' song for their dance. I sometimes join them in their practice. :)) Their steps aren't that complicated as ours eh. And they look so good dancing altogether. Another thing, the song is really cool. Though our song isn't that bad, I will still choose Tik Tok over it if I'll be choosing our song. And it's easier to dance.

Kaso, Keesha's being compared to Lady Gaga na. They said na she's the new Lady Gaga. I don't think so. Kasi Keesha isn't dressing like Lady Gaga and for me, Lady Gaga's still the best! Keesha's good in her own way and I think she's not up for any competitions at all. I'm sure she wants to make a name of herself in the fame road. She wouldn't want to be named after someone. I mean, who would like that? Kung ako yun, I would like to make my own trademark and be famous for what only I could do.

I love the trees behind the hand. Lol. :)))) Yun talaga yung napansin noh?

Listened to Taylor Swift's The Best Day. It was cool. I've known a lot of singers who could sing and compose songs well. But I haven't known much of them who wrote songs for their moms and dads out of gratitude or something. Some would dedicate a song for them only when their dead or sick, but Taylor Swift is really appreciative. Their parents are probably proud of her. She's beautiful, nice and sweet. :D I missed my parents tuloy. Hahaha.

Read Alamat ng Gubat again. So that I could make the project in Filipino na. I was thinking and planning of making it today pero tinamad ako. As usual! x_x Hahaha. Yun. What else am I going to say? That's all, I guess.

Thanks for reading. Good day. :-h

Life is God's novel. Let Him write it.

Charm. :3

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