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And as the cold air blows through me
Wednesday, January 20, 2010,9:44 PM
I feel a wave of pain from what you did.

Good evening Blog! Sorry for not being able to post fer days. I'm busy - or, I pretend to be. :)) Anyway, Imma post lots of pictures here. I found them all in Tumblr, and I just like to share them all with you guys. I hope you like them, cause I did.

Wooooow~ That was exhilarating. =)))

Oh yeah, we should know that. ;)

Would I get drunk at that? ^^

This is a collector's must-have! I feel like having one too. :]

Yeah, so those are the pictures I've been talking about. Know why I posted them? First, cause I dunno what I would say here. Second, it's because I'm eating. :D I have to munch something then type, so I have a really short time in typing. Third, I don't wanna say that SOMETHING. I shouldn't go talking about it, especially in places like this. It's a secret. :) Last, I wanted to make this post longer. I haven't blogged for days! x_x Dang it, IP. You're killing me.

I'm thinking of acquiring an imitation of the star and moon necklace of Jan Di. I'm just weighing my options. What do you think - a new book, a graphical tee, loads of chocolates *you're gonna buy 'em yourself*, the necklace? What am I gonna choose? I'm totally undecided with all of these. I really want to read a new book, it's gonna be Palaro next week. What do you think am I supposed to do aside from playing, goofing around and eating? I might read a book. On the other hand, I want a new tee. The one with a domokun in it. Really! I want that. But I'm also craving of CHOCOLATES, and I don't just mean one - I mean LOTS OF THEM! Oh my. What? ;o

Uhm, what else? Watched BOF again. Yeah. And I loved it, as always. Though it wasn't that funny, it was good. I would've preferred an episode funnier than that, though. Cause I'm a bit down at the moment, and Gail was heartbroken and all that. :|

Good night everyone. I just sneaked from the room to come and update this. XD Thanks fer reading.

This is how I feel, and it's so surreal.

Charm. >:)

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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