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Tuesday, October 13, 2009,9:53 PM
Hahaha. I'm sooo excited to watch Ibong Adarna!! XD

Lalabs ko talaga ang Dalton. We're so happy. We don't claim to be the best or to be the most bonded, but we enjoy each other's company, I'm sure about that. :)

T. Malou scolded us for our ways. We shouldn't let a classmate or two affect us. She thinks/forsees that we turn out to be the one she is talking about. A stubborn, disobedient student. Well, I don't know who that is. I'm not sure if it's me, but I've always complied in CLVE. It couldn't be me. I wonder who that was...

Moving on, we gave T. Malou our proposal for Friday's activity. Teacher joked us of wearing gowns, good thing we are leaders. :)) I can't dare to look at myself with a gown on, especially in DLA grounds. They'll think I've gone mad. X_X *omo, I'm imagining it already. It is sooo embarassing.*

Yoghurt sticks is lurveeee! Basta food trip, dyan kami magaling. Almost all Dalton students eat yoghurt sticks inside the classroom, some even when classes are on-going. We were not caught. Sir George allows us to eat. "Ano mas gusto niyo, kumain o magutom?" he even quoted.

Okay, so I'm making plate 6 and 7. So damn fun to make! I am really fascinated in the way the lines look whenever I see it from afar. Especially near the vanishing point. They look so cutee. So bonded and y'know. Everything. Lol. Joke! I can't verbalize the words. I just like seeing it.

So I'm gonna read Veronika Decides To Die, still by Paulo Coelho, tomorrow. (c/o Thalia.) So wish me luck in finishing The Devil and Miss Prym. Makes sense? Paulo Coelho is the man. Kewl works. Love them.

Naalala ko tuloy si Maan. Granyols! Lutong ng pagkakasabi e. She's a funny girl, y'know. She never runs out of things to make fun of. :)) That's the reason T. Johna wouldn't want us seatmates. Maybe she knows it would cause too much noise when we laugh too much. Hahaha. I'm imagining it. How I wish we could be seatmates.

Ano pa ba lalagay ko? So, yeah, me and my groupmates in Science will be making some varieties of paper made of orange peels tomorrow. I'm so excited about it. Weeee! We'll be blending, mixing and stuff. It would be so much fun for sure. I'm really glad to have all my groupmates. They are all very cooperative. Thanks, T. Tessa.

Okay, I don't know what to say. So I'm gonna fix my things now. Thanks for reading. Good night. :-h

I even fell for that stupid love song,
Charm. :/

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