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Tell me what do you do when it all falls apart.
Thursday, December 10, 2009,8:09 PM
All this time I've was wasting hoping you would come around.

I'm having a day from hell.
It was all going so well before you came.
d you told me you needed space.
With a kiss on the side my face. Not again.
And not to mention the tears I've shed.
When I should've kicked your a*s instead.
I need intervention, attention to stop temptation to scream.

Good evening people! Yow. This is Charm. Signing on. Okay, that was corny. :)) Pardon me for that. Anyway, today was really F-U-N. Loveyou guys! I mean, Dalton students. Hahaha. Not only the guys but everyone of them.

Tried to learn Tiyakad. :o Omo. That was scaryy. I have this feeling that I would fall down but I tried to push it away everytime I take a slow, careful step with it. I'd rather go with Sangkayaw than Tiyakad, most definitely. I find Tiyakad dangerous. Especially to those who don't know it. Of course, you need someone who'll hold the stands for yaa. Oh, whatever. Next topic na lang? I'm kinda bored with this one.

Math was... okay. Hahaha. Skip. TLE was unforgettable. Para maiba naman. Puro fun eh. :D Why? We had a bingo game and we only had two mistakes! Yeaaah! That's the thing. Only, if Niel helped, we could've perfected it or something. I guess. Niel's a pretty good companion. Since he didn't study, he cheered for me instead. He also made the grid. Yeah. And he made another one 'coz I spelled the first word wrong. :)

Recess was the usual. Noodle house fer my food. I picked Beef Teriyaki today. I hate redundancy eh. Specially in food. I hate eating the same food twice, except for sweets and chocolates. Yeah. They're the only exception. Wow. That's Paramore's. c: What's with me today? I seem to place too much song lyrics in my blog posts lately. Hahaha. Some sort of trend? Maybe.

AP was okay too. Took a post test. I scored 89. Poor me. *wallbash* Anyway, it's a passing score. Okay na yun. Rather than a failing one, right? Haha. Filipino was heartbreaking. I was like, "Why are we talking about love again?" But I just can't say it out loud. Since there's the pain again, why not speak it out? It doesn't do me any good din eh, hiding my feelings.

Lunch was different. Saw that -put that word here- photographer again. So he caught the girls' attention once again. Particularly the Darwin girls. Peace yooo. I promise not to comment anymore. Kasi I hate it when people say my crush isn't cute eh. :] I just thought na maybe they feel the same. So yeah, it's better to say nothing. I'll shut my thoughts to myself.

Science was boring. Yesterday we had fun but now, where is the spirit? Hahaha. I missed it. Well, I had a hard time composing a generalization 'coz I'm having a deja vu. Like I've already written whatever I'm planning to write. But in reality, I haven't yet. I ended up writing and disregarding my deja vu. I would only be wasting time if I kept thinking when I thought it happened. Had a quiz here too, btw.

ELA was funny. A bit. T. Me-an paired some of our classmates and their cause and effect. Some were funny. That's it. x)) We're reporting on minotaurs tomorrow pala. I remembered recently. Ow, and there's a lot to pass tomorrow. :| Public Speaking was the usual. Sir reviewing us, copying lectures and conversing with Sir when we're finished with them.

P.E. was the best! <3333333333 Though we had an exam, we enjoyed playing naman. Talked to Jed, Grazielle and Mao in dismissal. Ate a cornetto and chips while doing it. ^^ Pagkain na naman! Well, I just can't help it. I even ate a toblerone bar upon reaching home. That's the first thing I grabbed. ;p

Liked this pic. I found it in Tumblr. Yeaah. Speaking of Tumblr, why isn't my tumblarity increasing ba? I'm always online naman and I always post and all that. Why, oh, why?!

Good night na. I think I placed too many things here. :b Good night everyone!

Quote of the Day:
If I could dream at all, it would be about you. And I'm not ashamed of it.

Charm. =p~

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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