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Promises are just promises.
Sunday, August 23, 2009,10:16 PM
Look at my title. (Promises are just promises.) It just frustrates me a bit that they'll only be promises... they'll never be true. Obviously, I am again, disappointed by a broken promise. It's natural that he breaks his promises - he does it all the time - but why does he have to make a promise after all? He may or may not be aware of breaking his promises but I feel like it's getting on my nerves now. I'm so tired of hoping that his promises will be done but... oh, never mind. It's just so very frustrating... but don't mind me now.

Okay... I forgot to make a post yesterday. I was, yet again sluggish and I chose to rest and read a book after a very exhausting club practice. Yes, it is exhausting and very perspiring but it's fun. I had felt some awkward and alone moments but in general, it was cool.

I read Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix the whole days of yesterday afternoon until tonight. I have just finished translating the first and second verses of The Fray's How To Save A Life for our Filipino group assignment. I also did some parts that are not for me to be doing. But that's fine 'coz we still have to mix them up and they might be a help for tomorrow. I'm currently fixing my bag - we have to use big bags now that the exams are finished. I am so nervous about my scores in TLE, CLVE, ELA and a lot more. I am also wishing for certain corrections, bonuses and additional points that will increase my score. :)) That's natural! I'm also going to pray that there will be no deductions or corrections that might make my grade lower. I really, really hope so. Then, I might continue reading the remaining pages of J.K. Rowling's book.

Oh, my grandmother scolds me already. I need to go. :] Thank y'all for reading.

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