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Invisible as the wind that you feel upon your cheek.
Wednesday, December 9, 2009,7:19 PM
Sometimes what's real is something you can't see.

Cakes and presents for my Granny Leonor! :D She's going seventy-one now. Hihi. Yeah, so we'll throw a debut party for her on Saturday and we're in charge for the SHANGHAI ROLLS. It's gonna be a full blast fo sure. What do you think if we rent DISCO BALLS?! :)) Kidding.

Took a post test in ELA. 8-| <-- Omo! THAT LOOKS LIKE SQUIDWARD. >:) *roflmao* I bet Daltons know what I mean with that "squid" part. Lol. Anyway, I have the statements: Let bygones be bygones and Spare the rod. They're the very reasons why I got TWO effin mistakes in the test. Tao. :|

How many tears you let hit the floor? <-- Million? Haha. Kidding. Pails of tears maybe. Or drums. You never know. :D Btw, we weren't able to take the class picture because he was absent. *wallbash* Whatver. So we'll have to bring our uniforms tomorrow. Nevermind na nga lang. :)

Ate noodles with shanghai rolls in recess. I'm really making a beast of myself lately, aren't I? :/ Really. I can't help it. Even at home. I eat a lot. So this is what you call gluttony? :)) Nawp. I'm just gaining weight. I need it, anyway. Actually, I don't eat healthy foods naman eh. I just eat. XD

Computer: Well, this is pretty funny. Jared and Paolo kept on giving innuendos on random things. =)) They always do that. All the time. So yeah. That's it. They goofed around even when Sir Mike is discussing his usual too-fast-for-you-to-understand lecture. ;D Good thing I could understand him. Good thing. x))

So I'm consuming JP's lengthwise now. :P Nothing intended. I really love Tumblr na. Imma upload a pic laturrr while listening to songs in my phone. Yeaaaba! Love my new phone! <33333 By the way, here's an excerpt from Aralin 19 in Ibong Adarna. *look down!* Wonderful, isn't it? Just like a 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' Very touching. Hahaha.

Noon niya nakilala na
Sa luma't pangit pala,
Tao'y wag pakaaasang
Walang tamis, walang ganda.

Lunch was... intriguing. Shiela spotted me coming from the new lobby. She greeted me with an I-know-something-you-didn't-know stare and a "Charmmm." WTH? What is it?! I really hate being the last to know. But since they have no immediate plans to let me in with the secret, I just have to wait patiently until they tell me the truth. I tried to persuade them in telling me and some gave in. They told me different answers so I smelled something fishy. Yeah, I'll pretend to accept those lies. Or truth. Fer now. c:

Science was fun though it was a bit suffocating. I inhaled the smell of burned sulfur. Fvck. Sakit sa lalamunan. :| Anyway, its color is greeeen. Hihi. Btw, I enjoyed watching the sugar burn. :)) Ngbubbles kasi. Tapos naging caramel siya. Sayang nga lang kasi nasunog. Hmp. Ate some of the sugar pa nga eh. When they aren't burned yet. Awww. I wish they weren't burned na lang. What a waste. Joke!

Dismissal Time: Saw Ate Jhoanna and she treated me an ice cream! Yey! Ang bait naman. :] Had fun watching Aristotle students playing softball. Dadie's gonna transfer to SV Montessori next year. :( Awww. I'm gonna miss her. She asked Maan about the school she's transfering on. Haiy. Mawawalan na naman ako ng bestie. Anyway, life is a show. It goes on.

Okayyy. That's much of today. Good night everyone! Thanks fer reading this. :-h

Charm. :-bd

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