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Listen boy, my first love story. ♥
Friday, May 7, 2010,10:46 PM
Now Playing: Oh My Gosh - Usher ft. Will.I.Am

I made a playlist in my iTunes containing only that song and I just keep on repeating it. I just want to listen to it again and again and again. The song is really cute, even the lyrics are fab. You got me like oh my gosh, so in love, I found you finally. Yeah, I'm singing it. And I added another song. It's Gee by SNSD. Love the video. I just heard the song and watched the mv yesterday and I almost memorize some of the parts. Especially the endings. :)) But of course, I couldn't understand most of it because it's Korean. All I know is that the girls are mannequins and the boutique's owner who is a man is about to close his shop. After he left, the girls turned into human and they're telling they're love story. And at the end of the video, they leave the boutique because they didn't turn into mannequins again. I'm not sure if this is really the meaning of the video but that's how I interpret it. Watch it yourself so you would know.


I also watched Genie - SNSD. The other DC members performed it during the Outreach Program. I'm supposed to be a part of them but I quitted. So yeah, the steps were the same as the video only they were much more graceful compared to us. :)))

Good evening by the way. So today is extremely fun! I tell you. Though I really feel sad about one thing. But anyway, let's look on the brighter side of this day. My brother passed the entrance exam and was already enrolled. The only thing I should worry about is our uniforms, books, requirements and my locker. So I would be coming to school for two different days. On 17 and 20/21. HMMM? Next next week would be pretty hectic. I'm also thinking of joining my brother in his first day on June 9. It's still a tentative date according to the lady from the Registrar's office. We'll probably have our first day on June 10.

I was listening, not actually watching Wowowee when we got home from school. I think it was Mariel who said, "Mahirap maging nanay." and then I added, "Mas mahirap ang walang nanay." :))) So yeah, I just wanted to share that one.

Anyway, I had so much fun with CJ, Ate Abbie and Kuya Macky. It wasn't a serious drive from home to school to SM and back home. It was kind of a joyride. I laughed a lot and ate a lot. I really enjoyed my burger steak (from Jollibee). It's actually my first time to eat it. And it was totally delish! I think the mushroom sauce was responsible for it.

So what else? I think I'm sleepy... or not. XD But I want to turn off my laptop anyway. While it's on, I couldn't sleep. I've been sleeping very late, or too early, like 12-2am for a couple of days in a row now. And I always woke up early those days. So I really need a long good night sleep. So I better end it right here.

Toodles! *wave*

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