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Sunday, August 9, 2009,10:27 PM
Hahaha. Shopping! I enjoyed this day because we went to SM Southmall. What we bought there? A backpack, couple of handkerchiefs, and some socks for me. :)) Hmn, we also bought some groceries. Mainly, food and drinks. Well, that's life. We starve.

What else? Oh, the plate in TLE, it's so hard! My work is so ugly and I am sure that it wont be a best plate. (Grr! Record breaker. I can't perfect it anymore.) It's just so hard. Why? Why, oh why? Lol. That sounds like a song. Anyway, I should've used watercolor. But I don't have one. So I was stucked with the messy and whatever craypas. The heck! My work's a mess!

I didn't finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire today. I wasn't even in the middle part. So many things to do. No time to read anymore. But I'm sure I can insert it in my very hectic sched. Another thing, I so love my new skin! I made it last night. (I slept late for it.) It's so colorful. Whew~ that was a bit perspiring.

I am actually wearing glasses today. I bought this lately at the mall. My aunt told me that I need to buy one so that I can protect my eyes from the radiation (Is it really radiation?) coming from the LCD of the computer. Well, this has no grade or something. Just plain eyeglasses for eye protection. It's pink. Just like my newly bought bag. =)) Share ko lang ah?

Maybe that's all for today. Nothing more to say. So speechless. Nope, so sleepy. Goodnight everyone!

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