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Tuesday, January 26, 2010,9:11 PM
I lost the draft. I mean, blogger isn't working in my Google Chrome tonight. Everything I placed there were gone. I entered a lot there... But... Ugh. Could I edit this tomorrow? I'm feeling oh so sleepy already.

-- Palaro's giving me this sleepy thing. :|

Anyway... I had sooo much fun today. That's what I'm gonna share. And

Good night. :-h

/ Edited. /

Music starts. Listen, hot stuff.

I'm going to be typing the draft I made last night - if I could still recall it. :))

Our day started with a volleyball game with Darwin girls. We won, and it made us - especially me - happy. Then we watched the basketball game of Pasteur and Roentgen. It was very funny. Ricard scored a lot when the first five of Roentgen were substituted by the other players. Though they weren't able to exceed from their opponent's score, I'm sure they had a great time. They got almost the whole audience around the court cheering for them whenever they score a point. We all but stand and cheer so loud whenever they do so.

Then we had our game with Pasteur girls rescheduled today. That's supposed to be tomorrow. We lost. But that's how a game is. We just have to accept our defeat. And we could still run for the second place, right? We should never loose hope.

I said too much in the draft. But now, I just can't remember what I placed in there. x_x

Anyway, Ate Djoanna's birthday party cheered me up. Her second year friends kept me laughing. We had a great time. We even played 7Up. And all of us, except Ate Czar, ended up looking like ez-pehy-zols. =)) We took some pictures of ourselves and I really wanna have a copy of all our pics. You know, remembrance. All of those guys were very friendly. I swear. ;) And the food's so delish. I loved the cake with ice cream! It was really mouthwatering. I would've grabbed another slice but I was embarrassed with the others. Hehe.

You take a drink to get your courage up.

Charm. :)))

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