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Wednesday, March 24, 2010,10:59 PM
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March 24, 2010 Entry.

Hey. Lol. This was one of the funny day ever. We had a video conference with my parents. My lola, CJ, Ate Marivic and I were all at my room just to talk to my mom and dad. They told us to buy some ice cream because I told them I was craving for one. My brother butted in telling them he wants one too. :D So yeah. I even bought some CD's to watch. I had plans to do so yesterday but I wasn't able to because I only had the energy when it was already dark. So I decided not to go anymore. :)) Well, I had bought all those already and that's it. We talked more then I watched the CD's I bought. Loved 'em all! :-bd

Hmm, what else? I'm supposed to go to school tomorrow and help decorating our classroom for the farewell but because I watched Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief and it ended at 1:00am... I have watched other movies before it. So I woke up late the next morning, which was very irritating.

This reminded me, I'm going to tell you about how my Thursday was in this post. :)

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March 25, 2010.

I woke up late because I stayed up until 1:00am. I wasn't able to go and help decorating the classroom. :( But I read and finished Abby's book today. :D I am supposed to give it back to her tomorrow - Friday.

What about my day? I still can't get over the movies I watched yesterday. Paano Na Kaya; which talks about rebound relationships and friendships being risked for love, Alice In Wonderland; Oh we all know what this story is about. But for the sake of those people who wanted a brief description for me, here you go. Alice, now 19 follows a rabbit to a hole transporting her to Wonderland, a place she has visited from her childhood. But at that time, she still doesn't remember it and thinks it was a dream. So yeah, her adventure to save the kingdom from the Red Queen follows. She needs to slay a jabberwock that guards the Red Queen's castle/kingdom. :), Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief; is a story about the son of Poseidon being accused of stealing Zeus' lightning bolt but the truth is he didn't really steal it. Gods quarrel and Percy was hunted. He needs to make a move and tell the gods he was innocent.

Hmm. Was that a spoiler?

Anyway, that ends my wonderful day. :) It would be farewell tomorrow. Good bye Dalton. I would miss all of you. And I really mean every single one of you. ;) Thank you so much for all the memories you shared with me. And for making my first year in high school a splendid one. I hope to see you guys next year.

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