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God Bless.
Sunday, August 16, 2009,8:33 PM
God bless to all of us tomorrow. First day of exams! First subject, MATH. :o What the?! *Just kiddin'!

Okay, I haven't touched the computer yesterday because I studied and read a book. I just finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this afternoon. I also enjoyed making my project in ELA. :)) What else? I revived my older plurk. Wohoo! Add it up! (Click This!) Oh, since you're about to add it, add the 2nd one too. (Click This!) I just love plurking and gaining karma. But when my karma decreases, it's just so sad. *Ang babaw! Never mind. But yeah, a lot of people become sad of losing their karma because almost all plurkers want to reach Nirvana. *When you have reached Plurk Nirvana, you have a karma of 81-100 already. The highest you could ever have.* So now, you know.

I have just made a new friend. ATE MARGA! Wohoo. I am about to put her in my links page. Lol. Why don't you start blogging now?! It's obviously sooo much fun. You could make this your diary or literary page. It saves papers and trees! SAVE MOTHER EARTH! Lmao. =)))

What else should I say?! There's not much of a thing today and even yesterday. Maybe that's all for now. I still need to study again. I might forget all I have studied. Good night and God bless tomorrow, friends! :)

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