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Giving me the courage and the strength I feel...
Sunday, March 28, 2010,10:44 AM
...Please believe that it's true. Babe, I love you.

I just felt like plugging the movie. :)) Lol. Watch it on April 3. Am I right? :D Not so sure about the date though.

March 27, 2010 Saturday.
Swimming Day!!!

I had so much fun this day. We went to Paradiso Terrestre to have a Farewell Swimming Party with my classmates and with T. Johna. Our adviser came with his son but I don't know his name. :( He's so cute and he's english speaking. So yeah. I guess there were 19 of us, students, who came. And there was Kat J.'s ate who is being linked to Paolo. :DD We enjoyed the swimming, especially me. Even though I still don't know how to swim, I had such a great time. :) We played tag in the pool and we almost never left it. No wonder I have a darker complexion now. But I miss my white skin already. I've been covered in sunblock that day but I still went a bit dark. But that's life. And maybe it'll come back again. I'm referring to the skin. ^^

We had a lot of rice but only a viand. So at first, I ate what I brought together with my friends and we also had some rice. Joshua consumed almost all of it because he said he didn't have breakfast. When Sarmie's dad came over to bring a viand we could all share, we ran out of rice. I hope you get the picture. It's always wrong timing. But anyway, we still had some cakes and bread so we ate those instead.

Too bad there's a lot of people in the place that day. We weren't able to enjoy the pools that much. I enjoyed swimming at the edge of the deep pool, by the way. Just one wrong move and I'll fall and drown. :)) Good thing I survived it. \m/

The funniest part for me was the tulakan portion. Though I was only pushed into the pool once, and I enjoyed it too, I wish I was pushed a couple of times more. But not in the deep side, huh. I wouldn't be able to stand it. :( Well, anyway, we tried to push Renzo into the pool. And take note, there are about 5 or 4 of us. But he's just so strong for all of us, and we're all girls, so we weren't able to succeed. I tried to push him on my own but he didn't fall. He was supposed to fall but he controlled it. He had the best position but... I just wasn't strong enough.

It's funny the parts of that day were still fresh in my memory 'till now. I really loved that day. It's one of the most unforgettable and extremely fun day of my summer. \\m// I love you Dalton! I would miss you all guys! :* >:D< And it was made more memorable by T. Johna's prescence. It made us more complete. :)

What else from that day? I wasn't supposed to attend that swimming thing cause my mom doesn't allow me to. But thanks to my granny, my mom changed her mind. My granny talked to them and told them that they should give me more freedom since I'm a big girl. That's the first time I ever heard her describe me that way. I love you grandma. :*

When I reached home, I opened my computer and went online at once. I talked to my mom and dad via Skype and rested. I was so tired that I slept early and woke up late the next day. :))))

That's all for that day. Thanks for reading this.

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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