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I was wrong. As always.
Saturday, September 19, 2009,8:28 AM
I wasn't able to post this one yesterday so I'm posting it today.

September 18, 2009. <3
I was wrong after all, he cared. *That's a song. :))

Lol. Do you know that one? Oh, just don't mind it. I'm singing. And I'm sure it'll rain later, and it's because of me.

Okay, what for that day? It was sooo fun! Happy Birthday Jed! Though there's a little chance for you to read this, I'm greeting you any way. :D Thanks for the ice cream! It was great. Hmn, the representatives for Pagalingan Dance Competition were really great! Amazing, as I said when I watched them. I was eating the ice cream Jed gave us while watching them and I often forget for seconds to eat it while watching them, I can't get my eyes off them. It only occured to me that my ice cream needs attention when I felt it reach my fingers already.

Jared's activity in CLVE was great too. We played basketball, though I'm not good at it and we were wearing school uniforms, I enjoyed. So do the others. It was a fair play though our group wasn't able to score. The cheerdance we prepared was fun too. Maan made a part where she will sound hoarse and siga and I thought of a part that we will scream and point to Accad, saying "Ay, Gwapo!" but we haven't finished it. We were still planning to continue it maybe on Monday. lmao.

We also made the mixture for our paper made of orange peels. Our IP. Okay, it was fun, though the mixture is gross, even when I mixed it using my fingers. The others joined in too. It smells so citrus-y and the color is some kind of orange with a touch of green. It was a fun thing to do. Everything was cooperating and doing stuffs for the mixture. Before the time ended, we transfered it to a silkscreen to be placed where the sun's ray is. Maybe on Monday we'll be seeing what happens to it. At that time, we will have a camera to document it.

That's all for yesterday's post. My post for today will be later... in the evening. ^^ Thanks for reading.

I love him,

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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