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You're a love machine. Oh, you make me dizzy!
Saturday, December 5, 2009,2:22 PM
Oh what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day.
I haven't thought about you and I,
There's no you and I, and I know
Someday you will...
Wake up and smell the break up,
Realize that we won't make up,
It didn't go the way you planned.
And you'll know you didn't beat me
When you look down and see
I got an "I Heart ?"
Written on the back of my hand!

Here's a pic I've taken. It's my own handwriting down there. Pardon me for the blur, by the way. Hahaha. I just hope I could've made some lettering there. It's too unadorned. But, yeah, that's the way I write. Check my notebooks if you want. :))

Lol. XD Loved doing that one. :) Currently: Downloading ABBA Songs and some other. :D
*Honey, honey, how you thrilled me. Aha! Honey, honey! :))* Anyway, I'm loving JabbaWockeeZ vids now. I just downloaded two of them - namely: Ice Box and Red Pill. They're awesome. See the way they move? It's incredible. Really.

Went to SM Molino lately and did some shopping. Not of clothes but of something to eat and to use for TLE project in Monday. :D Well, it was hard. I kept changing my mind every second. We circled National Bookstore for almost one hour. I guess? I'm really not sure. And there's the devastating traffic on the way their. Wuuuutda?! Anyway, I enjoyed it. My companion keeps laughing at me whenever I change my mind eh. =))

Boys II Men is <333333. I love their song titled Down on Bended Knees! =p~ Can we go back to days our was strong? Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong? Can somebody tell me how to get things right the way they used to be? Oh God, give me a reason. I'm down on bended knees. *I remembered TSS tuloy. It means: That's So Sweet! pala.*

Saw a picture of Lady Gaga this afternoon. The one with a black dress. That's what she wore in Bad Romance mvid. I just love her there! She looks uber good in that dress. Though her hat made it a bit weird, I still find it cool. Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster. Agreee! :-bd

Zagu made my day. Weeee! I love the Mocha one. Now. Talk about food, then call my name! Masibang bata 101. XD Btw, I'm eating some chocolates from Mom and Dad right at this moment. Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad! I'm so excited for their cargo. They said my computer table is there. I'm so tired of placing this laptop in the top of my study table. The wires are tangled below it. Argh! It's such a mess. Good thing they said it would be delivered this week, or the next.

What else? I'm gonna study for a quiz in TLE tomorrow. And I'm gonna do nothing next. Maybe a movie marathon? I'm not quite sure. Whatever pops in my mind na lang siguro. ;)

Quote of the Day:
Every person in this world gets hurt and the world does not have the obligation to protect you. Not because you’re a good person or you have a kind heart, you’ll be able to avoid pain; or you will never be left or be fooled by the one you love.

Drifting off into the candlelight,
Charm. >:)

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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