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Friday, December 4, 2009,6:38 PM
Turn this place into a private getaway. >:)

Starbucks = <33333333
*Mocha Frappe - Coffee Jelly*

Damn those sweet memories. Not that I curse them, but I just hate remembering them. The dream I had this morning everything fall over. I'm starting over again - back to patching the shattered pieces of my frail heart. Yow, ang emote. :)) Well, that bit was true, really. My loves die before they're even born. :/ Screw LOVE.

Took a lot of EXAMS. Lemme name them. Quizzes namely in AP, Science, Math, Health *We took two.* and a post test in Filipino. That isn't allowed right? They wouldn't care rin naman if they knew. Everythings topsy-turvy now, isn't it? :o dmn. If we're not playing daw - during the palaro, according to Dustine - we would be having classes. That's way too overboard already. WELGA NA! Grr. They've been taking a lot from us. What's the use of all those expenses?

Had fun conversing with Jed, Ate Djoanna and Aldwin. We shared a lot of stories, more on Jourdese and Mirro, actually. =)) Here's one. :P

Mirro: Squid; Jourdese: Fish.
Sinubo?! ni Jourdese yung ballpen niya kay Mirro.
Mirro: Bakit mo isinubo sa'kin?
Jourdese: Malalagyan mo ng tinta eh!

Mirro: Still a squid; Jourdese: Still a fish; Jared: The teaser.
toooooooogsh! Nadapa si Mirro.
Jared: Ano ba yan Mirro, ang dami-dami mong galamay eh!
Jared: Mirro, eight na lang jersey number mo. Walo naman galamay mo eh.

Okay, yeah, I know. That was corny. Well, that made me laugh anyway. Paolo's too eager to go out. He's the one planning the IP meeting now. What a change. Ano kaya nakain nun? Kidding. :D But yeah, he must be really bored to give that much effort when he could just go to a comshop and play there. Why did he choose to do the IP anyway? What's up? Honestly, I don't know a thing on it.

I'm excited with our jersey. It seems pretty good to me. Maan is the bomb! <:P Syempre naman, anak ko ata yan! Hahaha. That's just our funny joke. She calls me Mamma everytime she spots me. She mimics a break-down-and-cry sob and tells me, "Mamma! Bakit kayo nagbreak ni Papa -insertnamehere-?" I was like, "Whatever, daughter." But I just say nothing and comfort her. She doesn't have a father anyway. ;)

I forgot our team name. Again. Ang haba kasi eh! The word is so sophisticated. Or maybe that's just my mind? I don't know. Hahaha. Sorry for that. =p~

Just chatted with Paolo, Cathleen, Dustine and Kirk. Kirk had a motive, definitely. And I was right. He asked me what my jersey number was for someone. WTH. He said it was because that person wants to have the same jersey number with me. Whatever. I wont react na lang. Anyway, he was waiting for someone. And I think I know who it is. She's on a while ago, but she just went off. I didn't notice. He said this before he dozed off, "geh alis na ako ha..la na nman sia eh..bkas ulit".

Okayy. Good thing we have no assignments for Monday. It would be a total rest time for me. Wohooo! Good night everyone! I'm off to hit the sack.

Quote of the Day:
Love is everything it's cracked up to be… It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.

Drifting off into the candlelight,
Charm. ;p

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