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Friday, August 14, 2009,7:14 PM
Naku. Kainis! Magtatagalog na nga ako. Hindi ako makapagisip ng matino e. Bakit naman kasi 95% na lang? Ang damot naman ni Sir! Di man lang ginawang 97 or 96. D*rn! Arrrrrg! Sayang tuloy.

Anyway, the rest of today was good. Accept for that part. Grrrr.

Wednesday: Ano ba mga nangyari dito? Haha. We took a quiz in Computer and a Periodical test in Music. Well, it's not that hard. We also sung "Chu-a-ay". But not in a practical test way, huh. Just for fun. Then, T. May asked us to do some clapping (in relation to notes and rests) for a part of the test. I enjoyed it and I got 10. Wohooo! Jemai, my classmates, shared a couple of corny jokes - yeah, I mean it. The jokes are corny - that made us laugh. Ironic isn't it? The jokes are really corny but it's funny. I don't get it. But it's like that. Hahaha. =))

Thursday: The most tiring day of the week, for this month. I think so. Why? 'Coz we had quizzes and 2 straight periodical tests today. We also had things to pass and everything. Well, I guess they just want to kill us as early as possible. Just kiddin'. But that day was absolutely tiring. And it's obvious 'coz I wasn't able to update my blog. :)) But still, the day was still fun and, you know, some kind of drama something happened. Thalia and I chatted and talked about few things we are common to. They were situations not easily handled. We shared our own sets of opinions about them and even had similarities in them. "THALIA! Hindi ko na itutuloy. Hehe. :D" Naah! I just want to put it here. Do you have any idea about it? No, not a chance!! :P

Friday: Finally! TGIF! Wohoo! I have just made a new hit line in Dalton. "I-bblog ko yan!" Like the other expressions I say, - "Chorva." and "Eklaboo." in which almost all my classmates were influenced and can't help but also say it - this new line of mine has also became the same. Being a student of HS 1 - Dalton is sooo much fun! <:D By the way, Happy Birthday Miggy! Though I'm not sure if you'll see this, I just want to greet you. We have greeted you lately at recess but I don't think you heard it. (You covered you ears eh!) Anyway, enjoy your day! Hmn, what else for today? Nothing much, actually. We had a lot of free time and the others left are for reviews. It's a happy day. Except for the plate thinggy. I don't want to recall it anymore. Another thing... Hahaha. =)) I just made Mirro say "Chorva!" (that's with feelings, huh!) We had a group activity at AP this afternoon and we are groupmates. I was just like a crazy being that time and I asked some of the boys on our group to say chorva. They did and to my surprise, with the intonations and everything.

Urgh! Sleepy again. Tons of things to do tomorrow. I still need to study for the perio and everything. God bless to you and to me. :D Good night everyone!

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