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Just for a second,
Friday, October 15, 2010,6:36 PM
can I pretend that I don't care?

I don't know why I even bother but I can't help but get anxious. You're in a sleepover with three girls. I mean, three gorgeous girls. Gorgeous to the point that I can't even dare to stand next to them or I'll drown in my own insecurities. Okay, sorry. I don't doubt you or your self-control... but being with them for a night... I could picture a lot of images in my mind right now. A lot.

Anyway. Guess I'll just watch some movies and distract myself. If he's having fun there... I would too, in a way.

I mean, I can't seem to understand why he's having fun without me. Uhm. I mean, so much fun than if we're together. Is it really that boring when we're together? Am I the only one having fun then?


So yeah. I'm currently finding a way to watch the latest episode of Glee. I downloaded it last night but it wont play in either DivX or Windows Media Player. Great. Really great.

Today wasn't really good for me. I forgot my violet pen, which is what I'm using for the reviewer so there's no continuity there anymore. Then, I forgot my lunch box at school, which is totally cool by the way. I got a very passive score in PE. I studied so hard but look what I got. 85. Gosh, it does suck to be me.

Well. That's life. If today wasn't good, then maybe tomorrow is. I am thinking positive right now. :) Guess I just have to be really optimistic and be in a good mood so I won't mess things up.

So I read Abby's post a while ago about people who have big eyes. Lol. And my friends said I have bigger eyes compared to Abby's. Guess I shouldn't be regretful of my eyes anymore. Azielle and Gilliane told me the other day that girls with big eyes are more beautiful. Especially if they have long and thick lashes. Guess what? I have those too. :D Actually, Gill told me that a while ago too. Now, Sir Glenn told Mendel that the big eyes are the most expressive eyes among all. So they're beautiful. That made me smile. At least, some people appreciate big-eyes people like us. :) That made my day.

So I'm currently watching You Don't Mess With The Zohan now. And maybe Bedtime Stories later. Adam Sandler much? :))) He's just too funny to resist. Bedtime Stories was fun. The kids were adorable! And I had a lot of fun watching it. The movie was funny and great and... oh well, just watch it.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but these days, I've been pretty crabby. Even to my little brother. I thought of a lot of negative things and I'm being emo, I guess. But why? I just don't understand. I could hear the quiet sobs of my brother and it torments me. What the hell is wrong with me?

I have to figure it out. This isn't good.

Good night tho.

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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You can't be serious.
Wednesday, October 13, 2010,8:56 PM
That friggin' toothbrush is killing me. Isn't there someone else it can torture? Srsly. Why me? I still have to do this assignment in Filipino and study for a seatwork tomorrow, and for quizzes in AP and Math. But thanks to that... thing, I can't do them yet. I'm stuck here in front of the stove trying to make it bend, but it wont let me. How stubborn could a toothbrush get?

With Hellcats and Glee on the TV, hell, I really can't finish the things I need to do. Hahaha. Good luck to me.

I remembered Aldwin and my classmates. They made him blow a balloon with powder inside. They advised him not to inhale it, or he will inhale the powder. And so he didn't. Then the balloon popped. It sprayed not only powder on Katrina and CJ tho. There were saliva. :)))) Obviously, Aldwin's saliva. I was like... "What is air?!" Because I really can't breathe. They were making me laugh so hard I can barely say a word.

So we're teasing Katrina a while ago. Since the saliva sprayed all on to her and to my chair, she sort of kissed Aldwin indirectly. First all-over kiss. :)))))))

Uh. What next? We've got ourselves a new bitch. And I mean, HBIC. Like totally irritating-to-death-how-dare-you-say-that-HBIC. Who knew Regina Sparks had a sister in DLA? I wish we had been warned. Lawd. There must be a sign... Don't aggravate. Deadly. At least, we would know. Ugh. Can't stand to be near that bitch again. Freaks the living shit out of me, srsly.

Okay. Enough with that... Oh well.

So I'm currently defining some terms that you don't usually encounter in your daily life or even in your Filipino books. Why is Florante and Laura so hard to understand? Last year, I was able to comprehend Ibong Adarna... but why am I having difficulties with this story? Is it really that deep? Well, yeah, it is. But still. I shouldn't feel so bored and uninterested with this. Or maybe it really is. Whtevs.

Before we went to Computer class, I was currently singing Jeepney Love Story. It was good. The lyrics and tone were. You should listen to it. Or do you want me to sing it for you? Brace yourself! Make sure you have your umbrella with you. Okay, you ready? Ehem. Ehem. "Ayoko nang pumara kahit san mapunta. Ayoko nang pumara kung ikaw ang kasama. Ayoko nang pumara, ayoko nang pumara, ayoko na. Aaaaah! Ayoko nang pumara kahit san pa lumiko. Ayoko nang pumara sana di na huminto. Ayoko nang pumara. Ayoko nang pumara. Basta't ikaw ang kasama." Okay. Sorry for that. I ain't sure about the lyrics, huh. :)

I'm currently watching Glee right now. And I am freakin' hungry. Oh, that's an understatement. It should be starving. I just ate fried chicken and fried rice for dinner and some chips and softdrinks a while ago, but hell, I'm still starving. I dunno what's wrong with me again these days. But all I know is that I tend to get hungry easily. Is that a bad thing?

Okay. Glee's finish. I might as well go. Today wasn't boring, mind you. :) Thanks to my friends and to the funny Fleming people.

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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10. 10. 10.
Sunday, October 10, 2010,1:07 PM
God, I missed blogging here.

It's not that I abandoned blogging. I never did. I had two blogs, this, and Tumblr. But since Tumblr is getting too crowded, in a way that almost everyone from our school has one... I guess it's time to get back here.

The reason why I left blogspot is because people from our school dicovered it and started blogging. You should go see my affiliates. But then again, they heard about Tumblr and it's not good blogging too much stuff there anymore. Too much stuff = personal thoughts from my mind.

At least if I spill my thoughts here, I wouldn't worry if someone read it. Cause evidently, nobody does. :)) But if there really is someone reading this, whoever you are, may God bless you. If you're not a Catholic or anything close tho, I'm sorry but still, thank you. If I'm starting to flood your mind with my rants and my reactions about everything under the sun... well, I'm sorry. I don't have any journal because I'm lazy laek that.

Well anyway. Here I go.

Today's the tenth day of the tenth month in the tenth year. 1o much? And guess what? It's our monthsary today. I really want this day to be amazing since it's you know, all ten. And I'll be waiting for 10:10:10 tonight for me to make a wish since I missed the morning version.

Honestly, I don't know what to do. I've been thinking of possible ways to make this day worthwhile like cooking a real viand for the first time or doing the chores or trying my luck in baking but... we don't have anything to bake here, our viand's already been cooked, and the chores are all done. What am I going to do now? :/

Then this brilliant idea got into my head. How about going on a date? But... I don't know how the hell I can talk to him and where will we go? What will we do? If we'll watch something, what will we watch that he hasn't watched yet? Ugh. Why am I a sucker for these things? I just want to be with him, in any way possible. But with my parents being strict like yeah and I still haven't thought of a good excuse to be away in a Sunday and the worst, I haven't talked to him yet.

Is he busy today? Is he doing absolutely nothing like I am? But he's not online. Maybe he's somewhere else.

Sorry. I've been talking about him the whole time. But there's nothing to talk about more than that. My day, just like yesterday, is lame as ever. I'm stuck here at home in front of a computer basically problematic on what to do with my life. How worse could this still be?

Anyway, they said today was doomsday. *buzzer for wrong answer* They're wrong again. Life still goes on. Another doomsday to confirm, 2012. Though I hardly believe the world is ending at Dec. 21, 2012. Hardly.

By the way, do you have old toothbrushes? :) Lol. What a lame question. But srsly, we need it for a project. The ones without rubber and probably cheap. We need OLD and I really mean old and used toothbrushes for that project. We're gonna turn them into bracelets. So, if you happen to have one, do you mind giving them to me? We need them tomorrow.

Sht. I still have to remind my groupmates about it. Better go ahead and write on their walls, or maybe make some calls before it gets too late. So, I'll be back to finish this, k? K.

Great. Hahaha. I don't know what I can add to this. So I guess that's all for now. If I have things to add, then I'll update this later.

I can't promise you guys that I'll post everyday or every other day. But I swear to you, you'd be filled with thoughts of mine. That I know for sure. :)

Welcome back to me,

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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Fine, fresh, fierce. We got it on lock.
Monday, May 17, 2010,10:25 PM
Now Playing: California Gurls - Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg

Good evening folks! :) Today is Tita Baby's birthday.

I woke up at 7 wondering why I woke up so early. So I went to sleep and woke up at 8:47, I guess. I'm not so sure about the time. All I know is that in a couple of minutes, it's going to be 9:00am. What's with that time? I am supposed to get ready and wait for my Tita so that we could go to my school and get CJ's books and buy his PE uniform. But because I used the computer and enjoyed using Tumblr and Facebook, as usual, I was late. :))) I think it was already 9:30 or 9:40 when I turned it off to take a bath. After preparing, my brother and I went to my other Tita's house to get something from Ate Abbie.

Then we went to school. I got his 4 books and 2 notebooks and the brown bag from DLA. Nice, I still got my green bag and maybe, I'll have two now. Wow, collection? Then we bought a PE uniform for him. I even saw Erikha and Ira there. :D Anyway, the one we bought for him were the smallest size but still, they look big on him. I bet it feels baggy.

We went to SM Molino after. I bought some stuff in Watsons, ate ice cream and went to a phone technician. Now my phone's fixed! \:D/ I'm planning to put songs in it again, and never use the phone memory for texts again. Yeah, lesson learned.

Then we went home and slept for about 3 or 4 hours, longest ever for the whole summer. Cause I just slept in the afternoon twice. :)))) Chatted with my mom, and went to my Tita to greet her a Happy Birthday. Got invited to dinner, and went. Drinked milk, showered and now currently chatting with my dad. That's how my day went.

I guess I'll end this one now. Good night guys! Thanks for reading! :-h

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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What if I never find and I'm left behind?
Friday, May 14, 2010,12:27 PM
Today is such a boring day. And I still have drafts to fill. :| Sorry for being too busy for you Blogger. I really miss typing long posts but I don't have things to say... so yeah.

These lyrics are some kind of true. HAHA. I am really left behind with all this blogging thing. I'm so sorry Blogger. Maybe I'll be back... tomorrow or later, I don't know.

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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Even a thousand miles can't keep us apart.
Tuesday, May 11, 2010,12:00 AM
Cause my heart is wherever you are.


Well, Ninoy is leading... HAHAHA. Draft lang to eh, I forgot what I was doing that day. Except that my dad made me look like a Comelec personnel cause I'm always updatin' him with the leading presidents and vice presidents. :)))))) Lol.

So what am I going to say here? Probably just end this fuggin' draft again. Hmm. So congratulations to Noynoy and Jejomar for winning those two highest positions and I hope they are the change we are waiting for.


// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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I just wanna be with you.
Sunday, May 9, 2010,10:54 PM
I woke up and told myself we should go to church. But church masses are over. And it's late morning already. Bummer. :| I greeted my grandma Happy Mother's Day then called my mom. She was still asleep and I kind of woke her up. Me and CJ greeted her both and said goodbye. I know she's tired and the longer I talk to her, the more she wakes up. She might not be able to sleep again. Then I called my grandmother in Isabela, Inno. I greeted her and asked her how're things and everything there.

To all the mothers out there, I want to greet you a HAPPY MOTHER's DAY. Thank you for all the love, care, appreciation, affection and support you have given your children. Thank you for always being their for your children whenever they need you. :)

Mom, Happy Mother's Day again. How many times have I greeted you? :))) I just really want to thank you for everything, I mean everything, really, you've done to me. All the sacrifices and stuff. I know being away from me and my brother is hard for both of you primarily because you're not here to see us grow up and to guide us as we grow up. But regardless, we are still thankful. Thank you for being lovable, caring, supportive and for always being there for me whenever I need you. Especially when it comes to clothes to wear. :D Whenever I need you, you're just a call away. And sorry for all the things I've done that hurt you. Sorry for being so hard-headed everytime. I know you hate it when I'm so stubborn but you still deal with me anyway. And sorry for disobeying you at times. I really hope you enjoy your day and God bless always. I love you mom. No matter what happens, I will still do. :*

So my brother accidentally played a HSM3 song in my iTunes while I was getting something to eat from the fridge when I woke up. Maybe he just clicked it accidentally and started dancing. Well the song was, A Night To Remember. Then I decided to listen to all of them instead.

Until now, the song Can I Have This Dance still has an effect on me. Like, I really feel in love whenever I hear it. So yeah. :)) So I thought of watching that particular part in YouTube. I even watched the I Want It All part. Ashley is really awesome. And whenever it's her part/song, it's always grand and fabulous. If I compare all of her numbers, I still like the part when she sang Fabulous in their country club for HSM2. XD

So anyway, enough with the HSM talk. I know a lot of people hate it but I don't. I just love the songs even if the story is a bit predictable. Deal with it. I'm not a big fan anyway. :))

In exactly just one hour, he'll be celebrating his fifteenth bithday and the Filipinos 18 and above will vote the candidates they think will be bringing the change we've all been wanting and wishing for a long time. I saw this in Plurk and the credits all go to the person who plurked it. It said, "Vote WISELY. Ilang taon na yang tumaktakbo hindi pa rin nananalo." I agree. Kasi kung nanalo na si Wisely, panigurado hindi tayo 1st/2nd sa mga corrupt contries in the world at nababawasan na ang mga mahihirap at nag-aabroad dahil sa kawalan ng trabaho. Okay, so Taglish na yung post ko. Lol.

Enough with the election talk. I, myself, get tired of talking and hearing all about candidates wherever I go. I always here a campain song for a candidate even at home. So I am really tired of it. But of course, people need to think it over for a lot of times because of course, their decisions, I mean votes, would change our country. Either positively, or negatively. Only God knows.

Hmm. What else? I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel today. It was very cuuuuuute! It kind of drove me away from all the pressure here inside the house. That's what I like with animated films and cartoons. I know I will never be too old for them. I guess no matter how old I am, I would always find myself watching them. They don't just entertain and make the viewers - either kids or adults - laugh. They also teach us lessons.

My cousins, aunts and uncles came over to our house today. We don't have a party or something. They just visited us. :) So the first ones to come were Tito Romy, Tita Tina, Kuya Romeo and Kuya Ches. They brought us fruits from Tagaytay. And they're sooooooo delicious! It's obviously because they're from Tagaytay and we all know the climate is cold there and it's good for fruits. :D So yeah, they would really be delicious.

We had a few chitchats and ate some of the fruits. They brought pineapple and jackfruit. And we also ate the watermelon from the fridge. We weren't able to consume it all yesterday. Then they left and that's it.

A few more hours after that, Tito Rolly, Tita Cora and Ate Abbie came. They rode on the newly-bought jeepney of Ate Abbie and Kuya Jeff. Then Ate Marissa, Kuya Russel and Sean came too. So we just talked and talked and talked. We also laughed a lot. Well, my brother and Sean's kiddie fight for a chair was funny. It wasn't just that. We laughed on a lot of things. :))) You know, they're all just fun-to-be-with.

I saw and talked to Ate Djoanna too. I think she's going back to Baclaran or something. She kind of joked me with her questions. She was asking me when is his birthday. Like she doesn't even know it! :DD She even asked me about IT. Well, it's a secret that I choose not to tell. ;)

Okay, I'm kind of sleepy already. Lol. So since I'm not voting and I still couldn't help with the voting process cause I'm underage, all I could do is to tell everyone to weigh their options not by who is the most famous but with who they think could do something, change something and develop our country to a better one. The one who proved his/her propaganda and did something that really helped our country. The one you're sure could handle the responsibility for the position they're running at. In short, VOTE WISELY. And this time, let it win.

Good night everyone! :-h

:D :* :">

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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